Modern Flame

Beach Vibes #2

Many of us have made sacrifices this year. Our family finds solitude spending time at the beach. Due to covid, work, and life.... we haven't been able to enjoy our solitude. I know we aren't alone. We wanted a permanent reminder in our house of hope. A daily reminder that one day soon we can book a vacation on the beach without having to worry about masks, restrictions, hotel cancelations, ect.

We are great full for our health. We are lucky to be survivors of this unknown virus and know there are people just like us. This bowl is for you.

Handmade from a special combination of 3 different brands of concrete. Custom molded to be coated with epoxy. Distressed strategically to remind us of the fog of 2020, but shiny to show us the hope of the future. Its impossible to duplicate so each bowl is one of a kind.

Fill it with sea shells, candles, sand, fruit, car keys, ect. This work of art is designed to make it your own!...

Due to the nature of the hand made process, each bowl is approximately 10" - 12" wide at the top and 4" to 6" tall.

(Props in bowl not included)